Blade RF Sealed-Off High Peak Power

RF CO2 | 150-300 W | 10.6 µm | Sealed-Off

The Blade RF 177 and 303 are two RF CO2 laser sources that combine great performance and ease of integration. Their power output ranges from 150W for the RF 177 to 300W for the RF 303. If operated in the pulsed mode, this laser source can deliver up to 1100W of output peak power! Both the models share the same compact size, which makes them easy to integrate with your existing laser systems. Like every El.En. device, the Blade RF 177 and 303 are built with care: their sealed-off technology will ensure long time power stability and thus optimal laser beam parameters. This device is perfect for applications such as plastic and leather cutting, thin plastic film processing, display and LCD processing, galvo-scanner applications and many others.