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Speed, precision, ease of integration: our CO2 laser sources are carefully designed to let you achieve high performance in a broad range of applications. The core components of our laser systems are produced in-house because we want to make sure you can always count on reliable and well-built devices. That's why in 20+ years more than 2000 industrial plants have used El.En.'s devices or have chosen El.En. as technology partner.

Experience laser sources

20+ years experience in making laser sources

Laser sources full customizable

Tailored solutions to meet your production needs


Main components built in-house

About Us

The laser industry is constantly evolving. El.En. participate to all the major events focused on laser technology so as to keep itself up-to-date with the latest developments in the laser industry.

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Laser coding on eggshells with a pulsed-laser marking system

The use of laser CO2 in food production processes has become a well accepted trend. Laser is

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CO2 galvo laser marking and engraving on jeans and denim cloth

CO2 laser is now widely used in the textile industry. It is mainly used for decorations

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Scopri News & Eventi

Uses of the CO2 laser in the food packaging industry

The food industry has long been experimenting the use of thermoplastics for food packaging. Materials such as

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