Laser world of photonics: an account of four intense days

It has been four intense days. We have received many visitors, collected all their feedback and comments, and got a pulse of the laser market. Research is not only performed in the lab. In order to make outstanding products that are performing and adding value to daily practices, we have to listen to the needs of the people.

El.En.'s booth at Laser World of Photonics 2017

Dozens of visitors interacted with us and asked for information about our CO2 laser sources. Since we returned from the fair, we reworked the insights received and analyzed product feedback given by visitors. This way visitors helped us gain a deeper understanding about their daily production needs.

Thus, hereby a summary of the interesting findings of these four days.

Laser CO2 self-refilling: infinite power for top applications

In the world of lasers we are the only ones to provide NEVER ENDING POWER technology. Our laser sources with rechargeable cartridges have aroused the interest of our visitors, as well as that of our competitors. Innovation is the result of research and development, but also an outcome of our focus on customer needs.

Our motto: never ending power

The RF 1222 CO2 laser source, which we presented at the fair, was the latest product of the NEVER ENDING POWER technology series. 1200 W of virtually infinite power, applicable to all applications: including those of the near future.

Natural Branding: the new frontier of packaging

Like we mentioned before: natural branding is soon to replace paper labels with laser marking. At El.En. we have already experienced this shift for several years, but only now the market seems to be ready for this innovation in the packaging world.

Natural branding: the future of packaging

Thanks to one of our partners, Granarolo, we have been able to show the CO2 laser marking of cheese. However, also salami and other foods can be laser marked. The natural branding process saves resources, optimizes costs, and is environmental friendly. We are ready. Are you?

OEM solutions for all your needs

Being ready also means being able to capture and ascertain the needs of today’s market. Today, the production industry is increasingly segmented. It is important to create versatile solutions capable of meeting the needs found in different segments. Like our OEM solutions: at Laser World of Photonics, we have presented our CO2 laser source RF 177 for special applications in a naked version. Its small size, while improving its usability also makes it possible to use the laser source for any project desired. The RF 177 is reduced to the essentials: a powerful, but lightweight and convenient laser.

El.En.'s team at Laser World of Photonics

Facing the challenges of the future together

For now that's all about Laser World of Photonics. We will meet you again at the Munich Fair in 2019, aware that in the upcoming two years the laser world is facing major challenges. More and more companies are discovering the world of digital production, which means we have to go back to work in order deal with the challenges we are facing.