A new CO2 laser source joins the El.En. family: the RF 1555

A new CO2 laser source, the Blade RF 1555 with 1500W nominal power, has been added to our series of Self-Refilling CO2 laser sources. The RF 1555 completes El.En.'s range of high-power sources, which already includes the RF 1222. Compared to the latter, the RF 1555 has 300W more power, making it the most powerful laser source in our catalogue.

The RF 1222 and RF 1555 are the ideal solution for all laser system manufacturers looking for a powerful and reliable laser source. Thanks to their 10.6 µm wavelength, the RF 1222 and RF 1555 are designed for applications on plastics, textiles and even paper and cardboard.

The series’ features

The Blade Self-Refilling series of laser sources has been on the market for several years now. Here are qualities that make it an effective production tool for our clients.

Self-refilling technology

All sources in the series feature this technology which maintains the constant performance of the source over time by constantly filling the gas medium inside the cavity using an external cylinder.

Self-refilling is one of the most common maintenance tasks on sealed CO2 laser sources. Refurbishment of laser sources without this technology can only be carried out by the manufacturer. It may also require the production process to be stopped while the laser source is sent for servicing in the hopes it comes back as soon as possible. This process obviously has negative repercussions on operating costs.

Self-refilling technology eliminates this problem. Once the gas in the cylinder of our lasers has run out, it can be easily replaced by any operator. Production never has to stop while using our sources!

Low operating costs

Reducing operating costs has been one of the focuses of our engineers. Self-refilling technology reduces the incidence of the main cost, maintenance. But that's not all. Self-refilling laser sources guarantee high energy efficiency in the electro-optical conversion process. For the same power output, therefore, an El.En. self-refilling laser source has much lower power consumption than competitive lasers.

Same size for all powers

Like the other sources in the Blade RF Self-refilling series, the RF 1222 and RF 1555 are the same size. Why is this an advantage? The El.En. laser sources make it possible to design a single machine that can easily be scaled in power without having to engineering a different system. In other words, it is possible to upgrade a machine containing a 1200W source into a machine with a 1500W source in a very short time.

TCP/IP connection for remote diagnostics and control

Each El.En. laser source is equipped with an interface network card. This allows us to always know the health status of our devices. We can, for example, carry out preventive maintenance, send updates to the machine, identify critical issues and intervene promptly, even remotely.

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The 1222 and 1555 RF sources are only a part of the El.En. family of laser devices for the industrial sector. If you want to know more you can: