Laser Marking and Engraving

High powered CO2 lasers sources have become the standard tool for marking and engraving applications. Laser marking is a thermal process, achieved by the ablation of a thin layer of the base material produced by a pulsed laser beam. All this results in a series of shallow pits on the surface that make the mark visible. When the marks made by laser are deeper we talk of laser engraving. Typically, lasers are used to mark bar codes, part codes and identification numbers, company logos and various graphics. Depending on the laser parameters, almost all type of materials can be successfully marked. Compared to traditional techniques laser marking offers high reliability, high speed, real time operability and low operating costs. El.En.'s sealed RF excited CO2 laser sources have been engineered to achieve top grade results in marking applications: high laser beam quality, wide power ranges, high repetition rate and versatility. Hence, they are the perfect choice for applications in the packaging and electronic industries.

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