1200 W | 1500 W

Blade RF 1222 e RF 1555 (1200-1500 W)

The Blade RF 1222 and RF 1555 CO2 laser, joins the advantages of the RF excitement technology (high peak power, high frequency modulation, compactness) with the incredible advantages of virtually “no factory service” requirement of the self refilling solution.

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RF CO2 | 350-550-750-850 W | 10.6 µm | Self-Refilling

Blade RF Self-Refilling (350-850 W)

El.En.'s Blade RF Self Refilling is not only a radio frequency CO2 laser source, engineered for mid-power applications on plastic, wood, leather and other materials. It's engineered to be stable, efficient and functional over the long haul.

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RF CO2 | 150-300 W | 10.6 µm | Sealed-Off

Blade RF Sealed-Off - High Peak Power

This compact radio frequency excited CO2 laser source is designed for high peak power applications from 150 to 300W. You can draw on this laser source to achieve great quality on plastic and leather cutting, thin film, display and LCD processing and galvo scanner applications.

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RF CO2 | 150 W | 9.3 µm | For special applications

Blade RF 177G

Special laser applications require a special laser source. This gizmo is a development of the Blade RF 177. Its power and laser wavelentgth make it suitable for applications on LCD panels and glass. From the base model it inherited the RF gas discharge mode and the exclusive sealed-off technology which allow great beam power.

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RF CO2 | 330 W | 10.2 µm | For special applications

Blade RF 333P

This RF CO2 laser source has been developed for special laser applications. It's based on the Blade RF 333 model but it has been engineered to give the best in processing thermoplastic polymers , especially polypropylene. For that reason it had great success in the packaging industry, where this laser sources is being used to fabricate labels, bags and food coating films.

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RF CO2 | 60-80 W | 10.6 µm | Low Power CO2 Laser

Blade RF Sealed-Off - Low Power

El.En.'s sealed-off technology guarantees long term power stability of its CO2 laser sources. This small-sized, easy to use and to integrate RF CO2 laser source comes in two power configurations: 60 or 80W. Both are engineered to achieve great beam quality over time.

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