Blade RF Self-Refilling (350-850 W)

RF CO2 | 350-550-750-850 W | 10.6 µm | Self-Refilling

The Blade RF Self-Refilling laser source is special. It is a highly-efficient RF CO2 laser sources ideal for applications on plastic, wood, leather and other materials. But, unlike traditional RF laser sources, the Blade RF Self-Refilling does not need any factory servicing. Thanks to its hand-sized gas cartridge, you can refill it on your own, twice a year, and at very low costs. The result? No idle time due to factory servicing and consistent beam quality parameters over years! The power output of this CO2 laser source will be stable in the long term. That’s not all. This great device makes you save resources: El.En.'s Blade RF Self Refilling is up to 25% more efficient in electrical/optical conversion than competitor's. Blade RF Self Refilling comes in multiple power configurations, ranging from 350W to 850W. All configurations have the same dimensions, resulting in a great ease of integration.

Other features are:

tcp/ip connection for remote diagnostic and control;
rf integrated power supply.