35 mm | Laser scanning head

Gioscan 1735

The GioScan 1735 is 3-axis scan head for CO2 lasers. Its 35 mm beam aperture provides it with an adjustable scanning field ranging from 150 x 150mm to 800 x 800mm, that ensures the greatest versatility in all galvo laser applications, even on small spot sizes. GioScan 1735 is designed to operate with CO2 laser powers up to 500W, which makes it the perfect choice for most galvo laser systems.

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70mm | Laser scanning head

Gioscan 1770HR

GioScan 1770HR the scan head of choice for our top-of-the-line setups. Its digital drivers and special alloy galvo mirrors allows it to focus a CO2 laser on the tiniest spot, even on working areas as wide as 2300 x 2300 mm.

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Integrated Galvo Scan Head

Triple Scan Head

This integrated, multiple head is the answer to every high-end marking solution.

El.En. Triple Head key feature is its modular design: we have squeezed 3 single 70 mm high-resolution galvo scanners in a compact structure. The working areas of each galvo can be adjusted, to achieve the best quality on its whole 770 x 390 mm working field.

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Components & Software

Galvo scanner controller

The control unit is a digital device specially designed to manage galvo scan units and laser modulation. A 32 bit embedded micro controller drives in real time and with high accuracy the 2 or 3-axis galvo systems during the laser processes.

Voyager features encoder inputs, CAN bus, Ethernet, RS232 and USB interfaces. The full encoder interfaceability and the high performance real-time capability, enable an effective and predictable on-the-fly marking for in line production

Smart Scanner

Smart Scanner DLL is the the Voyager Control Unit software interface. It consists in a C# .NET library that communicates via TCP/IP with the Voyager. That's why it can be easily integrated in customer's software. 
With SmartScanner the user is able to send to the Control Unit the system configuration parameters, the drawing patterns and all the dynamic parameters of the engraving process such as cutting speed and laser power.
The library can be also used to send start and stop input to the process and to set the Voyager external I/O. El.En. can provide a TCP/IP library with the same features of the SmartScanner DLL.

Voyager Manager

The Voyager Manager is the calibration software for El.En. scan heads. It includes the SmartScanner library and so can be used to test the scanning system's features in the initial phases of the system integration.

With Voyager Manager it is possibile to test the communication, check the Voyager external I/O and the encoder signal, perform individual laser shots and engrave standard patterns.

Fiber Laser Scan Head


This laser scanning head is designed to be used with fiber laser sources. It will work with almost every fiber laser scanner on the market, supporting power up to 3000 W.

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