3-5 mm laser beams


This is the smallest size of our series of high-speed mirror galvanometers. This mirror is used to deflect laser beam on the X and Y axis. It is ideal for low-power laser applications with very small laser beam diameters.

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5 - 12 mm laser beam


Within the entire family of mirror galvanometers, the G1432 is a medium-sized solution for low-power CO2 laser applications. This galvanometer is installed inside our laser scanning system where, coupled with an El.En. z-linear optic, can provide a focused beam of great quality.

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12 - 25 mm laser beam


The G2860 is the biggest size available for the low-power CO2 laser applications. Coupled with a z-linear optic, it will always keep the laser focused on the right spot in laser machining application.

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25 - 50 mm laser beam


For bigger laser beams, typical of high-peak power applications, El.En. has designed two galvanometer mirrors. The G3060 model is suitable for laser beam diameters ranging from 25 to 50 mm.

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50 - 100 mm laser beam


The G4080 model is the largest in size produced by El.En. Its dimensions make it suitable for high-peak CO2 laser material processing applications with laser beam diameters between 50 and 100 mm.

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3/4 inch z-linear optic


The job of z-linear optics is to keep the laser beam always focused on the processing zone. Equipped with a linear motor and completely controlled by a computer, its lens measures 3/4".

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1 inch z-linear optic


With a lens of 1 inch this optic can keep focused even the largest and powerful CO2 laser beams. The motor of this device will move at high speed on the z-axis, to ensure the best quality to your laser processing applications.

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