Wood & Derivatives

A CO₂ laser source is an excellent choice for non-metals such as solid wood and engineered wood. Like every carbon-based material, wood absorbs a large amount of the power emitted by a CO₂ laser beam at 10.6 micrometers. That’s why cutting and decorating are the mainstay of laser woodworking: Depending on the output energy, the outcome goes from simple engraving to die cutting. Compared to traditional woodworking, laser wood processing has no equals in speed and flexibility. El.En.’s laser sources and scanning heads are geared towards dealing with the tightest tolerances and the most intricate designs to let you meet the strictest requirements of quality and precision.

Many other are the uses of laser on wood: Engraving of any thickness and kind of wood, Wood-covered paper and dual-color wood, Marking on natural, semi-finished, finished and polished wood or Grooves on thick materials, especially rough or semi-finished.

The results obtained on rough wood may acquire colors ranging from dark brown to beige. Effects of simple opacification may be obtained on laminated or painted materials, according to their composition.

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