Laser Cutting

CO₂ lasers are tools that offer outstanding power and flexibility in laser material cutting applications. Laser cutting is a thermal process in which a laser, assisted by a gas, heats up the material, resulting in the alteration of its state. Laser material cutting advantages include great versatility regarding cutting speed, geometry, precision and accuracy of the cut. Plus, no further processing is required: The part you’ll get will be perfectly finished. The typical 10.6 micrometers wavelength of CO₂ laser sources is readily absorbed by a wide range of materials. Metals, ceramic, wood, paper, glass, fabric, composites: a high-power CO₂ laser source will slice them like a knife. Owing to their beam quality and energetic efficiency, El.En’s RF CO₂ laser sources are perfect for all those industries where achieving precision cutting is a strategic asset: Automotive, packaging, machine tool, lcd processing and others.

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