Laser Welding

Like traditional welding processes, laser welding aims to join two parts together. However, a CO₂ laser will do it better, faster and with greater accuracy. CO₂ lasers are succesfully used as a heat source for welding operations. The laser beam heats the edges of two parts to be processed: The heat melts the material, causing the two parts to fuse where they are contiguous. Its main field of applications is laser welding of plastic polymers. This processing technique can be used, for instance, to hermetically seal plastic bags, or to join together parts that are difficult to join with traditional welding tehcniques due to their layout. This makes laser welding excellent in all those applications where extreme precision is required even at micro-scales. But how is it performed? El.En.’s RF CO₂ laser sources coupled with an AZSCAN (for CO₂ laser) laser scan head, have all the key features to do the job. Beam quality and size, power range and components have been engineered to allow you to achieve great polymer welding results in the automotive, lcd and packaging industries.

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