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Marking fresh fruit products: a continuously growing trend!

The unstoppable growth of organic food sales seems to suggest that consumers are increasingly aware of genuine, natural, and environmental friendly fresh products. Organic food is realized in compliance with natural cycles, isn’t treated chemically, and is environmental friendly.

The trend involves all aspects of the product: from the cultivation carried out according to natural principles, to the packaging – designed to be the least polluting possible. It is exactly this last aspect that has seen significant innovations during recent years due to the development of the laser technology.

Creating eco friendly packaging is a hot topic of discussion at the moment. The goal of CO2 laser marking fresh fruit is not just reducing plastic consumption by replacing it with packaging materials such as recycled paper. The aim is – whenever possible, of course – to completely remove packing.

This is the direction some of the leading vegetable wholesalers are alreading moving to. Just look at ICA Gruppen, one of the world’s leading fruit and vegetable manufacturers. This company has already started adopting laser technology to replace traditional labeling methods. The label is directly laser-marked on the skin or peel of products. This simple transition translates into saving hundreds of kilos of paper and glue, resulting in an eco-friendly product.

But there is more: laser marking fresh fruit and vegetables also allows to improve the quality and genuineness of products. Several studies have shown that laser labelled products maintain the qualities of the original product. Laser marking is solely executed on the surface of the peel and only in order to change the pigmentation of the food. The entire process is carried out in compliance with maximum hygiene requirements, making the technique ideal for the food industry. Above all, with the laser technology, there is no need to use adhesives or other potentially harmful substances.

For this reason the laser labeling of fresh-fruit and vegetables is the ideal technique for every manufacturer of organic food products. A completely ecological product can only be realized by avoiding all use of plastic, paper, or adhesive materials in the labeling process. At the same time, by laser marking fresh fruits and vegetables, the traceability requirements of the distribution system stay respected.

The following are the main advantages of laser labeling fresh fruits and vegetables:

  • Offers the ability to mark an unlimited amount of simple and complex signs, including graphics and logos, codes of any type, as well as expiration dates and traceability codes
  • Laser marks are permanent, stable, non-abrasive, insoluble in water, resistant to temperature and UV rays. Laser engraved labels cannot drop coincidentally and cannot be altered
  • Laser marks are perfectly hygienic and therefore suitable for any type of food
  • Laser marking is an efficient, highly flexible and fully automated technology
  • Laser technology reduces the consumption of materials, and thus help saving economic resources
  • Laser technology is eco friendly as it avoids the use of chemicals that can be potentially harmful to the environment and human health

These are just a few of the many advantages of laser labeling. Over the years El.En. has experimented with several laser applications in diverse sectors of the food industry – such as the labeling of cheese and the application of traceability codes on apples. Applications of the laser technology are endless: contact us and we will discuss the CO2 laser labelling solution that suits your needs

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